The rate technology is moving these days makes it incredibly difficult for most businesses of your size to keep pace. That is, of course, unless you’re HUMMING. As part of the package you’ll have your very own virtual Chief Information Officer, who will keep you updated on industry info, developments and trends. Your vCIO can also help with strategic and business technology planning, pre-sales advice and high level estimates for projects or expansions.  All this means you're able to make informed I.T. decisions to drive your business forward.


Everyone in your company will have unlimited access to I.T. experts who can provide assistance when needed. 4pm on a Friday? No problem. 7am on a Sunday? Likewise. The total awesomeness of HUM is on call for your business around the clock, every day of the week. No exceptions. Support is available via telephone or email, and in person if required. An expert team of technicians will be fully versed and dedicated to your company (think of them as partners) so any interactions - any time - are relevant, informed, quick, seamless and stress-free. That’s how we roll.


Stuff happens. Time is money. Those old clichés are true. So as well as being able to advise, troubleshoot and resolve any problems with your network, end user computers, applications and other I.T. related products or peripherals – your HUM support crew can also fast-track any urgent or priority tickets, meaning that any of your business-critical or time-sensitive incidents are dealt with swiftly and effectively. Yeehaa!


If secure, live, real-time system monitoring and management for all endpoints and servers within your computing infrastructure sounds like a dream, pinch yourself. This all comes as part of the package, with HUM. Our state-of-the-art technology and industry leading monitoring tools allow excellent visibility across your entire endpoint and server environment, which means we can keep a close, constant eye on things, identify issues and opportunities, and apply a quick fix remotely should the need arise.


Keeping on top of updates, upgrades and new releases used to be a constant battle but not anymore. You can relax with HUM - knowing that all your servers and systems are up to date, your hardware and devices are in optimal running order, all your renewals, licensing and procurement needs will be met, and your users have the speediest, niftiest, most current applications and software on hand. Like magic!


We’re a team, right? Which means we should have regular team talks. HUM support means that you’ll receive a detailed monthly report (summarising all activity, events and interactions). We will also meet with you every quarter, to ensure that our services are in line with your business direction, and that we are delivering on your vision. A HUM “Virtual CIO” will attend these meetings, for strategic and business technology planning to make sure your business is always one step ahead.

What next? You do what you do best, and let us get on with doing what we do best - that is, making sure that your I.T. is AWESOME, and that your business is always on, supported 24/7 and operating at top speed.
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