Whatever your current I.T. infrastructure, HUM has the team, the tools and the enterprise-grade solutions to ensure that everyone your end enjoys uninterrupted connectivity and uptime – wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

We’re talking around the clock and every day of the week here, people. Improving productivity and profitability, and allowing you to be faster, more flexible and more responsive to evolving digital, business and client needs. Bam.


HUM’s platform service wraps easily around your current set up to deliver a seamless, effortless end-user experience. From monitoring and maintenance, to proactive problem-solving, to security and data protection, to ensuring the ultimate in mobility, capability and connectivity. That’s a heap of management solutions, right there.

Plus we’ll chip in with advice and direction on how to keep your I.T. future-ready. And it won’t cost you extra; it’s included in the one user, per month, fixed fee.


If it’s good enough for 90% of the Fortune 500 companes then it’s good for us! Which is why HUM has partnered with Microsoft Azure, the world’s most trusted business cloud, to bring you an alternative platform.

If switching platforms is the right thing for your business (and we can help you make this assessment), then HUM makes the migration effortless. There’s no drama in setting you up, and once you’re done, all the management is covered in your one user, per month, fixed fee.

Benefits range from massively increased computing power and flexibility, to unparalleled back up and protection against disaster and recovery. Plus there’s no need to keep investing in hardware; this is an easy, durable, highly accessible service that scales up or down, in line with your needs


The HUM platform is a specially selected set of Azure services, hand-picked to streamline and optimise your business. Some examples include:

Azure Active Directory Services. A comprehensive identity and access management cloud solution (usually reserved for the big guys!) that provides a robust set of capabilities to manage users and groups. Application Single Sign On, Multi Factor Authentication, Mobile Device Management, Self Service Password Resets and more.

Azure Virtual Machines. With support for all modern operating systems and databases, Azure virtual servers allow you to run your business critical applications in the cloud, even if your application vendor does not provide this service.

Azure Cloud Storage. A flexible, expandable service that allows you to store any type of data (whether it’s file data, structured data sets or queries) in a reliable and fast environment. Easy to mange, highly economical.

Azure Backup. Backup your laptops, desktops, virtual machines and data to a central server within the Azure cloud network.

Azure Site Recovery. Simple, automated protection and disaster recovery in the cloud.

What next? Whether you are moving to the HUM Microsoft Azure Platform or staying with your current platform, the HUM service will be a great step up for your business, and we make the transition easy.
All the migration is done for you, and once you’re done, all the management is included as part of your HUM per user, per month, fixed fee.

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That’s right. For the first 12 months (call it an extra warm welcome!), you can add one additional user to your HUM account and we won’t charge you a cent. Nothing! Zero! Ziltch! Just another good reason to get HUMMING today.


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