Is HUM a New Zealand company?

Yes, absolutely! HUM is a fully NZ-owned and operated company, set up by Kiwis, for Kiwi small businesses like yours. We’re a subsidiary of Origin; one the country’s top providers of professionally managed IT services, and an established, reputable firm that’s been around for almost 20 years. (Trust us, we know what we’re doing!)

WHY should I choose HUM?

Because you’d be mad not to? In all seriousness, handing the IT reins over to HUM could make the world of difference to your small business. It will free you up to do what you do best. The fixed fee structure will make it way easier to budget. Plus - improved support, security and proactive management will mean fewer headaches, less downtime and a far more robust IT set up and infrastructure. Of course we can also deliver new capabilities, help you increase efficiencies and revenue, and vastly improve the user experience. The list goes on…

WHAT does HUM cost, and what do I get?

HUM’s fixed fee is $150 per user, per month. This includes all your Support + Security + Platform services (for your existing infrastructure) in your base bundle. It’s 24/7 round the clock IT help and expert advice, troubleshooting and resolution management, server and endpoint monitoring, patching and updates, reporting and reviews and general future proofing for your business. PLUS a comprehensive set of security applications to keep your end users and business data protected (ESET multi-device security / Cisco umbrella / Message shield).

In terms of Platform, the HUM service wraps around your current infrastructure, making it easy for you to be safe, secure, always on and connected. If we think there are benefits in moving your platform to HUM’s Microsoft Azure, we’ll quote that separately – but once you’re set up and transitioned, the ongoing management is included in your fixed monthly fee.

There’s also your Applications. If you opt for Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium there will be a licence fee to pay (generally around $18.75 per user per month), but that’s the same price as you’d pay direct. And the features / benefits are awesome.

Of course being with HUM means you’ll get to utilise all of this incredible technology to the absolute MAX. We’re all about driving your business forward, with smarter, smoother, faster-running IT.

WHAT makes HUM better than my current IT solution?

+ SIMPLICITY, TRANSPARENCY HUM = one fee, per user, per month. You know what you're getting, you can see what you're using and you know what it costs.

+ EASE, SPEED AND FLEXIBILITY As new technology emerges and business needs change, HUM will grow, flex and change with your business.

+ SEAMLESS, EXPERT, ALWAYS ON HUM offers 24/7 support, with access to a brilliant store of knowledge, technical capability and IT expertise. No disruptions and unwarranted downtime + always the best fit IT for your business, guaranteed.

+ POWERFUL INFRASTRUCTURE, PROVEN HISTORY All your server, software, hardware, monitoring and maintenance needs, built for big business (by parent company Origin, longtime service provider to MME market), scaled for SMEs.

Will I get locked in to a fixed term contract?

No, you can HUM all you like with zero commitment. Of course we have a few standard t’s & c’s as part of our service agreement.

Will HUM save me money?

It’s entirely likely. You may be spending more on IT than you realise, and we’re all about streamlining costs. Try our cost estimator here to get an indication of your current IT spend, or request a free quote from HUM here.

Do I have to use Office 365 Business Premium to be with HUM?

Ideally yes, but we wouldn’t make this a stipulation unless we were 110% sure this was the best move for your business. Check out the features and benefits here – it’s totally awesome!

Do I have to transition to Microsoft Azure to be with HUM?

No. We work with you to assess your current platform and infrastructure and make a recommendation best suited to your business. The HUM Platform service works with your current infrastructure, making it easy for you to be safe, secure, always on and connected. If we believe transitioning to Azure could benefit your business, we’ll let you know. (details here). Either way, we’ll give you the best, unbiased advice and outline a comprehensive strategic technology roadmap, moving forward.

Can I transition to HUM if I’m currently using Google?

It’s a possibility. We can help you transition from Google to Microsoft Office 365, if this is the right thing for your business.

HOW does HUM deliver its support?

Mostly we will work remotely, as we have high-end tech and tools that allow us to do this. But if “hands on” and “face to face” is required, we’ll be there in a flash.

WHAT if we're hiring. Will HUM manage the set up for the new employees?

That’s a YES. We’ll bring them on board and set them up so they’re completely up to speed (and in sync) with the rest of your super, smooth-running workforce. Extra staff also means extra pressure on hardware, software, server and storage requirements, but the great thing about HUM is that we enable simple, scalable IT. So when business growth takes off, you’re ready to go.

I’m worried about the switch over. How will moving to HUM affect operations?

We have done this 100’s of times, and plan carefully to ensure that there’s no unnecessary disruption or unwarranted downtime.

WHAT are the next steps to getting HUM?

Send us your details to request a quote (you saw that button at the bottom of our website right?). There’s no obligation – and we’re super friendly!


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