Working with HUM | 21st Mar 2018

What does your IT guy actually do? Let’s break it down.


Do you have one of those distant relatives you see once or twice a year at a family gathering? It might be uncle Dave from Dunedin who “works in insurance”, or aunty Tanya from Tauranga who “is an artist”. Whenever you catch up, the usual small talk ensues. And then there’s that burning question in the back of your mind that’s a little bit too awkward to ask out loud: So what is it you actually do again?

It might be an awkward question, but it’s definitely one you should be asking of whoever does your IT - whether that’s your in-house ‘Jack of all trades’, or an external ‘IT guy’. If you don’t ask, how will you ever know what you’re paying them for?

Well, you can rest easy for just a moment because we’ve done some of the hard yakka for you. The chart below breaks down what you’re typically getting when you manage your IT in-house or outsource it to a small IT provider, as well as how much they cost, on average (hint: it’s probably more than you think). 

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As you can see, many small businesses in New Zealand are scraping by with the bare IT necessities - if that! And what’s more, they’re paying more than they need to every month.

With HUM, you not only get peace of mind with a predictable monthly fee, you also get a whole suite of services that you won’t be getting if you’re managing your IT in-house or using a small IT provider. Our solution includes unlimited 24/7 helpdesk support, CIO-level strategic guidance and planning, 24/7 immediate disaster response and recovery, protection against cybercrime, and monthly reporting. We’ll take total ownership of your IT with no transition fee, no contract, and no surprises. Pretty cool, huh?

All this for a super simple (and affordable!) $150 fixed fee per user, per month managed service bundle. That’s a whole lot more bang for your buck than a typical external or in-house IT solution.

To find out more, fire us your details using the form below and we’ll call for a chat.


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