Working with HUM | 31st May 2018

Let’s break it down: 24/7 Support


What does 24/7 IT support really mean? At HUM, we mean exactly that. We’re here for you every hour of every day. Need help at 4.55pm on a Friday? No problem. 7am on a Sunday? Likewise. Our team of IT experts are available around the clock.

We know a lot of companies wheel out the “24/7” line as part of their sales pitch, but what you really is an after-hours ‘pager service’ that fobs off jobs till the next morning. At HUM, we believe our customers deserve much better than that. We understand that IT never sleeps and the importance of acting quickly when things go wrong.

That’s why we offer 24/7 Support as part of HUM’s all-inclusive IT service, along with enterprise-grade Security, Collaboration and Communication, and Infrastructure.

Here's how we keep your business up and running - 24/7:

STRATEGIC GUIDANCE: Minimise costs, maximise opportunities, and future-proof your business 

You'll be assigned a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) to keep you updated on industry developments and trends, making sure your business is getting the most out of its technology. Your vCIO will also help with strategic and business technology planning.

EXPERT TROUBLE-SHOOTERS ON TAP: Don't let IT issues slow your team down

Everyone in your company gets unlimited access to IT experts who can provide assistance around the clock, every day of the week. No exceptions. Support is available via telephone or email, and in person if required. Our crack team of technicians are fully versed and dedicated to your business, so all interactions are relevant, informed, quick, and stress-free.

REMOTE MONITORING AND MANAGEMENT: Head problems off at the pass and minimise downtime

HUM provides secure, live, real-time system monitoring and management for all endpoints and servers within your computing infrastructure. This means we can keep a close, constant eye on things, identify issues and opportunities, and apply a quick fix remotely should the need arise.

AUTOMATIC PATCHING AND UPDATES: Keep your business and everyone in it protected, current and HUMming

You can relax with HUM - knowing that all your servers and systems are up to date, your hardware and devices are in optimal running order, all your renewals, licensing and procurement needs will be met, and your users have the speediest, most current applications and software on hand.

MONTHLY UPDATES AND QUARTERLY REVIEWS: Be confident you’re getting the most out of your IT

You’ll receive a detailed monthly report (summarising all activity, events and interactions). We will also meet with you every quarter, to ensure that our services are in line with your business direction, and that we are delivering on your vision.

That's a lot of bang for your buck. Here's how HUM's 24/7 support stacks up against some typical IT set ups: 


HUM Comparison Chart V42


HUM Comparison Chart V43



Remember, 24/7 Support is just one part of the all-inclusive HUM service. Click here to see everything else HUM customers get - and how it compares to doing your IT in-house or outsourcing to a small provider.


When you join HUM by August 31st (worth up to $1,500, T&Cs apply). There’s no transition fee, no contract, and no $ surprises when you move to HUM. Click here to claim this offer now.  

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