Small Business | 11th Oct 2017

Struggling to keep up with IT? You’re not alone.


It’s no secret that the future belongs to those businesses who embrace technology. From working more efficiently, to delivering better customer service, to retaining staff - keeping up with tech gives you a competitive edge that’s hard to beat.

Just consider these recent findings:

  • SMEs who embrace new technologies grow 26% faster than their competitors, and are 21% more profitable (Deloitte)
  • 80% of SMEs who invest in cloud technology say it enables them to grow and scale faster (Deloitte)
  • A study by the MBIE concluded that the digital age brings extraordinary opportunities for New Zealand small-medium businesses; the greatest benefit being greater efficiencies

But for many small-medium business owners, staying on the ball with their IT is easier said than done. And of course, that’s understandable. Remember when business technology consisted of a few desktop computers, a fax machine and a printer? Those days are long gone. IT is now a hugely complex area, and one that’s becoming more and more time consuming, costly and challenging to handle in-house.

So if you’re finding it difficult to keep on top of it all, you’re not alone. Kiwi small-medium business owners consistently rank managing their IT as one of their top business challenges. What with everything you have to deal with - the constant updating, fragmented systems, multiple devices, security concerns and data silos - it can be near impossible to keep on top of it all, even if you have one or two dedicated IT employees on staff.

And that’s just managing the IT you already have. Each week brings new developments in technology - and you can be sure your competitors will be using them to their advantage. With such a rapid rate of change, there’s no way one person alone can keep abreast of what’s happening (let alone see what’s on the horizon) across the entire IT board.

So what’s a time-strapped business owner to do? Consider partnering with a managed IT support provider. A specialist IT support team will have the focus, resources, and industry insights to maximise the advantages that technology can bring, and make it work smarter, faster and harder for your small business. Teaming up with the experts frees you up to do the stuff you actually enjoy doing, and enables technology to do what it was meant to do - make your business better.


  • HUM offers your small business best in class and best fit IT, all the time.
  • This is enterprise-grade technology, tools, processing power and expertise, scaled to SME's.
  • With unlimited access to a passionate and talented team of IT specialists, who know the industry inside out.
  • PLUS your own dedicated Virtual Chief Information Officer, who'll help you make the best decisions to drive your business forward.

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