Small Business | 27th Apr 2018

Is your IT a handbrake on business growth?


Business is booming, cash is flowing, and your team is growing. These are the signs that put smiles on the dials of small business owners across New Zealand - and for good reason. Growth is great. It’s exciting. But if your IT is struggling to keep pace, growth can also cause major headaches.

IT is often almost an afterthought for business owners. But if you want your business’ growth to be sustainable, you need to consider your IT capacity every step of the way. Hiring new staff means new devices, expanding software and application needs, and increasing IT consumption costs.

Without putting scalable technology, systems, and infrastructure in place, your new staff won’t hit the ground running. The last thing you want is for them to be twiddling their thumbs while you rush around playing catch-up. Failing to future-proof your IT can also hinder your ability to accommodate customer demand, potentially leaving money on the table.


As a small business owner, you’ll also be conscious of the possibility that things could change. Growth rarely lasts forever. So you don’t want to over-capitalise and end up in a financial fix.

Small businesses need to strike a balance between having adequate IT systems for sustainable growth, and not over-investing. But precisely anticipating the ups and downs of business is easier said than done. The solution? Managed IT support that expands and contracts according to your needs.

Managed IT services, like HUM, scale with your business. As your business grows, you can increase your IT capacity seamlessly for a predictable, fixed monthly fee. HUM onboards new staff and sets them up so they’re in sync with the rest of your workforce from day one (no twiddling of thumbs here!).

More small businesses in New Zealand are opting for the peace of mind, expertise, and affordable wraparound service that HUM provides. You can focus on your core business knowing that your IT support can expand when business is growing and scale back if business slows down.

It’s the smart solution for small business owners who want one less thing to worry about.


  • With HUM your business can access the latest technology (as much or as little as you need) without the enormous expense of going it alone

  • You can maximise new opportunities as soon as they arise, with IT that’s responsive, easy to use, and able to flex with your business

  • Growth is supported by a solid infrastructure and a deep pool of people and processing power

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