Security | 22nd Feb 2018

Cybercrime: The silent epidemic affecting Kiwi small businesses


Almost one in five Kiwi small businesses fall victim to cyber attacks every year, losing an average of $19,000 each.*

If that’s not enough to give you pause for thought, consider the fact that the majority of attacks go unreported. A recent survey showed that less than 28% of all cyber crime is reported to the police.** That’s understandable, given the significant impact that disclosing a successful attack can have on a business’ reputation. Imagine, for example, the fall-out following clients of an accounting firm discovering that their data has been stolen by hackers?

The result is that cyber crime is a largely silent epidemic, affecting small and large businesses indiscriminately. But with mandatory data breach notification set to become law in New Zealand, businesses will soon be confronted with the true extent of the problem.


Information security is an area that every Kiwi small business owner needs to address, and fast. Unfortunately, many believe that ‘security’ is covered with antivirus software and semi-regular patches and updates, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. You can’t simply ‘build a fence’ around your information anymore; with widespread use of mobile devices and laptops, every person in your company is an internet access point, all the time.

The reality is, keeping networks, devices and data safe is an ongoing, very specialised job. It requires end-to-end security solutions that leave no gaps in your defenses. And it must be underpinned by security specialists who have a strong grip on ever-evolving security threats.

The great news for small businesses is that it’s now possible to get world-class security and managed IT support from the same provider, with HUM. We’re part of the Origin group, which means that every HUM managed IT support customer benefits from the expertise of the Origin Security practice, one of New Zealand’s largest security teams.


  • HUM’s security suite covers everything from managing antivirus software, spyware and spam filters, to data backup / archiving solutions and security patches (specifically using ESET multi-device security, message shield and Cisco Umbrella).
  • Network activity is also monitored 24/7, to make sure nothing untoward is going on. If and when there’s a problem, it’s picked up immediately, which aids damage control, and speeds recovery.
  • This is a proactive approach to security that not only ensures peace of mind, but also pays off in the long term.

*Source: Norton New Zealand SMB Cybersecurity Survey, 2016 
**Source: Barclays Bank and Institute of Directors (IoD) survey, 2015

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