Media Release | 31st May 2017

Fixed fee managed IT solution promises to get Kiwi small businesses HUMming


Auckland, 29 May 2017 – Freedom from the hassle and worry of running IT systems – that’s the promise of HUM, a brand new service created for the owners of Kiwi small businesses.

HUM provides a simple fixed fee service bundle that delivers smarter, smoother, faster-running IT to small businesses.

The simplicity, transparency and quality of HUM is a breakthrough offering for the small business sector, says HUM CEO Michael Russell.

“IT setups for small businesses can be ad-hoc and the true cost is often not known. Poor or outdated systems can be a handbrake to doing business and to growing that business.

“What’s more, the full cost of technology is often more than business owners think. There are many hidden costs such as staff downtime, loss of productivity and revenue, management time, and damage to reputation caused by loss of service.

“We believe that hardworking business owners deserve more from their IT systems. HUM is a managed IT solution that gives small businesses access to world class IT and all the technology grunt that bigger companies take for granted. It’s IT that small businesses can count on, delivered at a no-surprises price.

“Powerful infrastructure, 24/7 support, able to grow with your business, no disruptions or unwarranted downtime. HUM has the power, the people and a track record of delivering managed IT services that means that small business owners can get on with doing business and stop worrying about technology.”

Designed as soothing balm for common technology pain points, HUM addresses many of the issues that small businesses face including poor security, spiralling costs, lack of support, outdated systems and systems crashing when they’re most needed.

HUM Services include:

  • Support and security (base bundle charged on a fixed fee $150 per user, per month – for a service impossible to replicate internally)
  • Applications (Office 365) – a direct licensing fee
  • Platform (options to move to Microsoft Azure plus infrastructure).

HUM knows the small business sector well. The company was started by Origin, a Kiwi technology business that began in a west Auckland garage in 2000. It had the goal of bringing world-class IT solutions and support to New Zealand businesses, helping them use IT differently to gain an edge.

Since then, Origin has grown significantly and company founder and HUM CEO Michael Russell now wants to make sure that New Zealand’s small businesses get the right IT support to help them grow.

“Every medium sized business was once a small business. From my own experience, and from working with clients, I know that IT hassles can be a big worry, a big distraction and a big cost.

“HUM is everything IT should be. It leverages all the learning, contacts and experience that we’ve developed over the past 17 years. It’s time to give back to a sector that is the engine room of the New Zealand economy and where every great Kiwi business has started. HUM provides unrivalled service at a price that can’t be matched for the quality and efficiency it brings,” says Russell.


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