With HUM, your business is always on, always secure, and operating at top speed with room to flex and grow.

Here at HUM, our aim is to help smaller Kiwi businesses (like yours) act ‘big’, by providing access
to the same technology, tools, processing power and expertise that larger, enterprise-sized
companies enjoy. Our parent company, Origin, is a highly reputable and established firm that’s been
providing Managed IT Support and Services for over 20 years. We’re able to leverage the learning,
contacts, experience
and resources that Origin’s built up over this time, and deliver it to you for the best fit IT - now, and in the future.

Here are some of the people that make it happen.

HUM support crew

Known for his spicy curries and his even spicier rendition of Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton’s “Islands in the Stream”, Mike’s a lover of good food, great company, Sydney escapes and chilling at the bach with his family.

Michael Russell

CEO / Chief Excitement Officer

“Joelene, Joelene, Joelene, Joeleeeeene” - you know the song now meet the man. He loves the pirate life, being on the water (wakeboarding, skiing, surfing), winning at pool and flying drones into trees.

Joel Hope

Business Development Manager / Opportunities Creator

Happily living up to the IT stereotype, Paul (or MrXsiv, Hagrid or Baz as he’s otherwise known), is seriously addicted to coffee and has a four year old son who knows the name of every single Star Wars character (good job Dad).

Paul Manson

Virtual CIO / Forward Movement Facilitator

When Benjo’s not working you’ll find him at the gym pumping iron, behind a screen on Overwatch (gaming pro!) or at the drive-through at KFC. He moved out to New Zealand a few years back, and since then has owned it.

Ben Page

Support Analyst / Super HUMan

As someone who loves food and feeding others, Leon’s happy place is the kitchen. Oo-la- la. He’s a whiz at Thai and Fijian Lovo. He also adores his daughter and his Morris Mini (In that order).

Leon Samuel

Support Analyst / Super HUMan

We love Agey, with his bouncy personality and (even bouncier) trampolining skills. He’s right into his family and friends, likes a bit of steak and chocolate (not on the same plate) and is famous for his bright, sunshiny mood.

Adrian Prendergast

Support Analyst / Super HUMan

Deepika (or ‘Deepi’ as she’s fondly known) is a detail gal with super-human powers of observation (do NOT play ’spot the difference’ with her). She loves Thai food, and spending time with family and friends.

Deepika Sharma

Support Analyst / Super HUMan


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